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Aluminum plastic blister packaging machine


Aluminum plastic blister packaging machine mold spacing stepless adjustment device

The “Aluminum-plastic blister packaging machine stepless adjustment device” developed is an aluminum-plastic blister packaging machine mold stepless adjustment device, including rails, brackets, transmission mechanism The transmission mechanism comprises a handle, an adjustment shaft connected with the handle, a bevel gear A, a worm gear arranged on the adjustment shaft, a bevel gear B arranged at the end of the worm and having the worm shaft as an axis, and gear shafts respectively arranged at the upper and lower ends of the gear shaft. The worm gear and the gear are arranged on the inner side of the base frame. The transmission mechanism is arranged on one side of the bracket and the base and drives the bracket to move on the guide rail. The utility model has the advantages of simple structure and convenient and accurate stepless adjustment of mold spacing.

The mold of the invention moves with the handle, and when the deviation occurs, the precise position can be achieved by fine adjustment of the handle, replacing the cumbersome procedure of changing the mold, simplifying the structure of the product, reducing the model, lowering the cost, improving the appearance, and facilitating the operation. Improve the accuracy and enable related performance over foreign similar products. The invention of the patented invention can save considerable raw materials and energy annually, create good social and economic benefits, and won the 9th China Patent Excellence Award. 

Source: China Plastics Industry Information Network

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